SENM 2017 Workshop is an accompanying event of the international conference of Smart Engineering of New Materials designated for young researchers – students and PhD students.

As a part of the SENM 2017 Workshop there will be such events as:
•    lectures of prominent scientists
•    young researchers’ poster session
•    a wide selection of workshops (trainings) for participates


Event takes place at the Factory of Engineers of the XXI century on 26.06.2017.

SENM 2017 Workshop fee is 30€. Conference fee SENM 2017 also includes the workshop participation.

Each participant can take part in two different workshops out of the list presented below.

Each participant is required to submit a short abstract which summarizes the poster presentation.

Download the abstract template here.
Poster session starts with Rapid Poster Presentations - each participant gives a 3-minute speech about the poster (check "Poster requirements")

To download the programme of SENM 2017 Workshop please click here


Topics of workshops (Download short description of trainings)



The use of fluorescence microscopy

to visualize cells on abiotic surfaces

Witold Jakubowski



Parylene coatings


Maciej Gazicki-Lipman


Materials Investigation Methods


Damian Batory



Raman Spectroscopy of carbon materials


Anna Jędrzejczak



Polysaccharide nanocomposite fibres for medical application


Maciej Boguń



Design Thinking


Anna Laska, Krzysztof Jastrzebski



Flexible electronics


Katarzyna Znajdek



Optical Fibre Technology


Bartłomiej Guzowski



Energy from the wind

Małgorzata Czerniak-Reczulska



All participants will receive the SENM Workshop certificate as a part of the international conference SENM and additionally the confirmation of participation in each workshop (training).